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About Us

smooth brothers move of the century in Beijing under Beijing days information service center, is a professional moving and logistics distribution enterprises, since its inception in 1988, the company according to the correct market positioning, service specifications of the system, scientific management system, out of a "purpose to create credibility, the credibility of the market development, market efficiency, to benefit" the road to success.

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Beijing brothers century moved, following referred to Beijing brothers century moved, operation vehicles Super 100 car, moved standard captains 4.2 meters wide 1.8 high 1.92 scheduling Center unified scheduling, on the district team for unified deployment, ensure you of items security arrived smooth home, Beijing brothers century moved has employees more than 300 more than people, are through furniture disassembly, and piano handling, Beijing brothers century moved moments implement "to meet customer needs for mission, to customer satisfaction for standard, too degrees correct, We care about your approval, your satisfaction is our greatest support brother centuries moved the whole staff is ready to serve you.