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Management loopholes "ants" stealing steel

for as long as I live, January 7 on November 2, 2014, Zhenjiang port group company made a report to the Public Security Bureau of Zhenjiang Yangtze River shipping Bureau, said the company transfer of a steel shortage worse. Police found responsible for delivery after placing in a major suspect of the crime. Recently, jingkou District Prosecutor's Office on suspicion of the theft suspects were arrested according to law in a.

the first half of 2013, in a helping brother runs a steel trading company. In May 2014, in a formally took over the company, and a Shanghai company signed a two-contract to buy steel plates. Business doing well, but this time in a lost a lot of money, he moved his crooked mind.

in a discovery, from the port yard, steel, and yard-pound weigh, Midway will be part of the way, in this way, can do a little "action" earn extra money--in part weighed unloaded before loading of steel, for example.

says do it, contact in a nearby parking lot, says to use cranes unloaded on the empty part of his steel. After the uninstall, then truck pulls the rest of steel to pounds to weigh in. At first, on a dare to uninstall one or two pieces at a time, adding up to a dozen tons, then I saw no one found his courage is getting big. According to the case the Prosecutor introduced a certain vulnerability in the delivery process using port management, multiple command truck drivers using the methods of pressure points, transfer, theft PSA held by the Shanghai company in Zhenjiang Dagang branch site for thousands of tons of steel, worth millions of Yuan.

"did you every barge in the middle of stealing steel? "" Is not. I am selective and if the responsibility of the tallymen are on duty, I won't barge in the Middle, because he will be very hard to count the number of pieces, and then immediately call the pound or his bike rush in the past, I have no loopholes and no time in transferring in the middle. If the tally clerk on duty are not responsible, I'll transfer stolen goods in the middle of it. "Recently, jingkou District Prosecutor's Office on suspicion of the theft suspects were arrested according to law in a.

PSA found in Zhenjiang jingkou District Prosecutor's Office after branch of vulnerability management, immediate prosecution proposal requirements strictly pounds of Zhenjiang port branch management system, standard out certificate system, and case as a warning, legal advocacy, and education for employees, strengthen the sense of responsibility and awareness.

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