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in the long river of history, more than 10 years just for a split second, but for the home improvement industry, but in such a short period of time shaking changes have taken place. Of course, this change along with a booming economy and the changes of ideas. More than 10 years ago, Jinan, few people pay attention to home decoration like that, today, more than 10 years later, home improvement has been a matter of people moving house will do, people will be happy to live in the House for "post production", turned the House into your dream home.

in the past more than 10 years in, and home improvement industries with the need to continue to grow, from the original simple design, decoration, and grow into today's industry benchmark, home improvement companies undergoing a big change.

integration of innovative design, decoration, its varied personalities

yiqian, home improvement company is to provide the basic decoration, such as plumbing, carpentry, Oilers, bricklayer's work. Society the rapid development of the living environment is more and more high, from meeting basic housing needs to reflect the owner's personality and taste. Home is no longer the same, personalized and quality demand growing, when the pursuit of character generation, after the became the mainstay of the community, from mass to individual home improvement is an inevitable trend.

as a result, traditional home has been unable to meet consumer demand, focusing on quality, respect for individuality and fashion, home installed products and services increasing demands of consumers, home improvement requires constant innovation. Home company turned the whole of domestic services, building materials product purchase, based on decoration, furniture accessories such as the late and early design and incorporating all the basic decorating just became one of the most basic services.

home improvement industry has not only to decorate the House, but need to be more innovative designs and ideas to. Look at the home improvement industry to find that most winners of the enterprise has its own design team, returned to the designers, rating, the higher the level, the higher cost of designer, chosen by the consumers themselves.

in addition to innovative designs and ideas, today's home also has an innovative approach in the management of the company. The renovation process, because customers have decorated their lack of knowledge, it is easy to make some people abuse, how to maximize the interests of consumers, ensuring the quality of decoration becomes a problem in front of company. Today, the company have been using electronic bidding system and will decorate the number, area, size and standardized construction technology, construction offers maximum transparency so that consumers understand that money spent where.

in addition, the decoration pollution has been a problem of consumer events, decoration companies in order to give consumers more confidence, to provide authoritative third-party environmental monitoring, for the consumer to create a more secure, environmentally friendly, comfortable home.

service "clairvoyance" supervision of decoration, experience early adopters early

innovation is the backbone of home improvement companies survive in the market, one of the only innovation can arouse consumer interest. But in the final analysis, company still belong to the service sector, service is the most basic way of life. Although the name of the service and each has its own characteristics, but to maximize consumer satisfaction is the company's ultimate goal.

on the service, Star Arts presents a modern home decoration companies harness market, pioneering industry vision and courage. In recent years, Star arts advocate and organize a variety of home decoration exhibition, narrowing the distance between owner and designer, launched "visit" find lost contact with the owners, and provide owners with a free repair series human services.

in recent years, household experience increasing consumer concern. Yiqian, home improvement company's finishes with a mouth, hype, and may not be able to hit with consumers. But the experience is really to put in front of consumers at home, consumers are able to effect through an intuitive feelings and decorated.

with the improvement of domestic economic conditions, many people think of old houses of "beauty". In the eyes of some home improvement company, old house renovation construction difficult, high labor costs, but profits are relatively low, not willing to take this kind of business. But there are also company against the road, launching old decoration packages, specially set up for old house renovation team, to do service in the hearts of consumers.

some owners because there is no time monitored House, home improvement company uses intelligent control system, process made homeowners view decoration at any time through the network. In this way, homeowners have no need to go to the construction site, just at any time using the Internet, viewing uploaded photos of staff and construction report, on the progress of construction, site, product entry and engineering quality, comprehensive monitoring in real time. In addition, more or less information in the course of construction, ordering primary material details and prices can be consulted in the Internet tracking system, can also save building materials to buy, the admission of inspection time. Credit benchmarking company PK Academy Award for best film editing

for a good film, not just the plot well, also need to clip the best flowers. Clip is a re-creation of the film in the process of artistic creation. In fact, a "clip" is a word in the English language "editing" means cut meaning in German, in French, "clip" originally the term architecture terminology, meaning "form, fit", and later came to be used for the film.