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Moving van to contain "authority" moved to steal customer caution

moving house is a very complicated thing, after you move, always have things gone, most of the time, we ourselves own carelessness. But on the other hand, you have no doubt, you have problems moving company. Recently, the Chengdu PI County Police have cracked a gang in a moving company as disguise, this group of people, specialized in moving goods to the customer in the process of implementation of theft.

film crazy stone in this classic moving company stole the plot, moving company workers began stealing, people caught off guard. However, it may be hard to believe that reality really have such dirty hands and feet moving company.

This called auspicious moved of company recently was PI police caught has are with, from boss to employees more than 10 more people almost wiped out, reasons is what does, original, near several months, has more bit auspicious moved of customer to police reported said, moved after, home of some precious property in moved process in the missing has, through investigation, police soon will target lock in this moved company body.

appearance is an ordinary van, inside the original universe.

the moving company theft trick is not wise, but very subtle, people may be subtle, mostly stolen from the people, sometimes slow things stolen, because there is no evidence can have a yabakui. The police, the prey of this company is not limited to ordinary members of the public in General, a lot of rich clients and their cuisine.

police told reporters that the auspicious moving company headed by the boss Luo, together with more than 10 employees, form a gang, from 2013, have been repeatedly commit crimes, involving a total of more than 300,000 yuan, but is puzzled by the police, although the modus operandi of the gangs were so rampant, but so far, few victims reported to police. Then for the theft, and how citizens think about.

PI County, police said they found in the handling process, the moving company phenomenon is not a case of theft of customer property, for such a phenomenon, they also reminded the public friend, hiring moving company, be sure to select a qualified company, some valuables mixed goods, must pay attention to before and after moving the inventory, so that you can effectively avoid the theft happen.