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Movers cut LCD television does not sign a contract

recently, Mr LEE of the public in the process of moving, and moving workers inadvertently damaged the LCD TV screen. Followed, Mr LEE is not associated with the moving company signed contracts and compensation for damaged items found that compensation for delay in fruits. Reporters learned that regular moving company moving contracts with the customer and buy insurance. However, yesterday's telephone contact several moving companies in our city, find moving services to families, sign a few contracts, moving companies was mixed, problems tend to mediate disputes, lack of uniform norms and standards in this field.

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LCD TV screen damage, compensation for delay without success

recently, Lee from the Wanda Plaza, moving to the public near the University of Simon. After online searching and comparing prices, Mr LI's decision to Commission a city moving company for your move. On December 15, the moving company workers home, the first part of Mr LEE moved to a new home. According to Mr LEE, the first day when we moved, workers did a good job, through agreed cost 450 Yuan. For home or some other items not moved out, Li decided to let workers the door the next day, the remaining items move.

December 16 at 10 o'clock in the morning, moved back several of the company's workers, Mr LEE remaining goods package loading. Lee said that except for some items in the room at that time, there still remained a LCD TV. "Because they know the location of my new home on the first day, when moving, I did not care, they drove some things go. "Lee said as he drove up to the new home, found the car moving company has arrived, but what makes him angry is, knock the bottom of the LCD TV screen cracked. "Off the TV from the wall when it is good, to place broken, must be a worker handling or transportation problems in the process. "Said Mr LEE, had a problem, he has to connect with the workers compensation, but the workers do not have to provide any reasonable answer, then he called moving companies may, in the process of calling him, workers drove straight away. "Worker before I call time, directly to the car and drove off, even to the fare. "Lee said indignantly.

according to Mr LI, Ke bad LCD TV has just bought two months spent close to 3000 Yuan. He consulted the manufacturers maintenance costs had noted that the high cost of replacing the screen, not how much lower than the fee for a new TV. Due to the move, Mr LEE has not signed a contract with moving companies, as well as the agreed items after losses related to the question of compensation, so, Mr LI's question of compensation has yet to be satisfactorily resolved.

moving company reply:

get in touch with customers as soon as possible, and solve the problem

two days ago, reporters contacted the moving company for Mr LEE to move, officials say, this thing he had to know. Official told reporters that workers for the Lee family moved after the brief back with him on this matter. "Workers in the process of moving does Ke bad clients TV but workers told me, has good communication on both sides, with the day's moving expenses to compensate, I think that this matter has been dealt with. "The official said.

in this regard, Li said, move on the day a total of 320 Yuan, after the problem occurs, and before he could react, workers simply drive away, which he did not pay the money. But moving expenses to offset compensation, he did not agree with, and the cost of this repair TV is far. "I just hope that they can come forward to solve the problem," Mr LEE said.

when reporters reflected this situation to the moving company, the official said, will communicate with the workers again as soon as possible, and give Mr LEE a reply as soon as possible, properly handle the matter. When reporters ask the moving company owner, company when the customers we will sign a contract, the other side says, and, including his house, the city's most moving companies have not signed a contract, are generally verbal agreement, payment after the move, in the event of problems, can only be resolved by both parties, is generally borne by the moving company.

journalists to investigate

moving companies good and lack of industry standards

to better understand how the moving industry in our city, the day before yesterday, search for information through the Internet, the journalist, 6 moving companies, called the phone when reporters need household moving services, almost all of the moving company said "do not need to sign a contract, can be moved directly after payment. "When a reporter insisted when signing a contract and invoice, which has two moving company said more enterprises move to sign the contract, the family moved to sign the contract is relatively small, but also according to customer need to sign the contract. And for damage to the customer in the case of goods, some moving company said, if a similar situation occurs, the moving company will communicate with customers, maintenance repairs, it cannot repair, paid for by the moving company at the price.