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Many middle-level Olympic Sports Center to see room to move by the Football Association because of bad Feng Shui

Tencent sports news December 29 is national soccer team arrived in Sydney on the same day, the number of middle-level cadres of the Chinese Football Association, 29th drive to the Olympic Sports Center in Beijing North ring, they are not to watch the game or participating in sporting activities, but showings. From the insider information display, once again, the Chinese Football Association to consider "moving" ideas, just because the specific implementation, need to undergo a rigorous approval, audit, tender procedures, moving and renovation also requires a lot of money, the Chinese Football Association wanted to "nuowoer" it does not seem easy.

about two years ago, the Chinese Football Association had arranged "House" in Beijing's Tongzhou in the company of an Office visit, possibility of seeking Office with easy access. However, due to the relatively far away from the city, no convenient transport conditions to meet the Football Association employees current demand, so the proposal finally came to.

However, the Chinese Football Association on "move" has not given up the idea. Sources revealed that not long ago, Chinese Football Association officials to Beijing Olympic Center "Pathfinder", and soon about "possible changes in the football offices" Rumors spread by the Football Association. Despite some middle-level cadres of the Chinese Football Association was away on business or busy with other duties, still has less than 10 middle-level cadres in 29th Olympic showings. It is understood that, where they studied the actual East stand is located in the Olympic Sports Center a layer of a total area of more than 4000 square meters of office space. Tongzhou edge compared to two years ago, the Olympic Sports Center in Beijing North ring, traffic is significantly more convenient. Before taking the State women's soccer has been training camp based in the National Olympic Sports Center.

However, the House would eventually led to the Football Association move is unknown, insiders also believe that, at least in the short term the FA Office easy-access possibilities do not exist. It was pointed out that, in the current Chinese Football Association over more than 60 full-time employees, the vast majority of people's residence is located in the South of the city of Beijing, Olympic Sports Center is located in Beijing North ring, if the Association Office and moved to there, I'm afraid that inconvenience employees work. In addition, the moving process cumbersome, costly, football score worse in China, the Chinese Football Association money to move, probably to attract criticism over support. Insiders said once out the past few years, "China Football Association were taboo now Office, Tower Street, Dongcheng District, Dong Jiu building 7, 8, 9, bad Feng Shui and eager to move", although this is unconfirmed, but if football really moving to read, then speculation will again rise.