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Xiamen company long service by the end of business growth spurt

only a few days until new year's day, Chinese new year is only a month. Recently, Xiamen's domestic market has entered a period of hot, cleaning, moving, confinement, child care provides services in short supply, many domestic companies are called "busy."

industry recommends that before the Chinese new year, if there is a demand for domestic services, best to book a week in advance, if home was in, you can avoid the weekend rush. Currently, the company has been providing evening services after hours.

home service needs blowout

"recently, moving, cleaning, we have been busy. "Peacock river cleaning services limited General Manager Zhang said," many companies opened or moved, are now flush out before new year's day, so new year's day before moving and cleaning the high demand, we now have to move many times a day. "

Meanwhile, people moving business is also growing. Spell sweeping, cleaning, General Manager Wu Shirong analysis: "a lot of people in a rented house, would choose to rent or annual rent, so is the House at the end of the peak. In addition, it is also the major concentration of property for housing at the end of period, many people will move into the new House. "

coupled with the recent cold weather, many people want to clean their own, so professional housekeepers into the" meat and potatoes ".

Herald reporter visited Xiamen domestic market, most domestic companies recently have been higher than usual volume of business 30%-50%, domestic workers in short supply.

compared to the cleaning and moving, confinement and child-rearing she is now more in demand. "Before the Chinese new year and the Spring Festival period, the month failed to book, unless there is a temporary extra manpower. "Many month company said. "Many month have worked hard for a year and wanted to go home for the new year, we did a lot of work, only part of the month stay during the Chinese new year. "Incubation time Lin Lixia said. But even so, the company still has about four-fifths of the month are selected during the Chinese new year of business.

after the new year's day domestic service or price

, however, was not home at the moment's hottest period. "The US is expected to continue to grow after new year's day, 20 days before entering the peak around the Spring Festival. According to the experience of previous years, Lunar Calendar December 16 to 23 of the most busy, we have received more than 500 telephone calls a day. "Wu Shirong said.

judging from the situation in previous years, domestic prices before the Spring Festival there will be a certain level of increase. In cleaning, for example, the current price of about 35 yuan/hour, before the Chinese new year is expected to rise to 50 Yuan/hour. Industry insiders speculated that after the new year's day domestic service is likely to gradually raise the price. "Prices are forced to do it. "A number of domestic companies are," said before the Chinese new year is the peak period of domestic service, but many workers want to go home early for the new year, the wages of some workers even if more than 1 time is not willing to do. Therefore, the increased price of some services, we are also in order to retain workers. ”