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Trash can move no longer blocking the door

on December 23, the newspaper reported judicial district of Jianhua district East Street, 2nd floor, exporting garbage goes up in smoke, and through community half a picture of the channel news. That afternoon, Jianhua sanitation Department workers came to the scene to see, and said it would move bins back in place.

according to Jian Hua second sanitation sanitation service station owners introduced Liu Zhenyu, the trash can in the community, because community residents reflect the trash can occupy a parking space, so sanitation workers move the bins to the Community export position against the wall, will occupy the spaces out. When sanitation workers to clean the next morning found that trash can be moved to Community exports, we communicate with residents was informed, are foreign vehicles from the community on this intersection to stop occupying parking spaces, so residents put trash to the middle of the road, preventing foreign vehicles from entering.

yesterday, the sanitation workers trash back to the community channel have been against the wall location, guaranteed traffic smoothly.