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Go push assured businessmen acting in local living services pain points

"They rightly want to complain about, but really bother. "Recently, Lee through the life of the Community Services Web site when looking for a moving company, suffered a brutal move, halfway through the bitter experience of the fare. Ms Lee said, move, the company would have been on the Internet for convenience, but things get even more complicated.
according to the reporter, when consumers select the local services on the Internet, there are still many concerns: online merchants and bad, fear of being confidence tricksters, afraid of being unscrupulous businessmen, afraid of experiencing poor service, was cheated and no reason to.
the consumer pain points is pregnant with opportunity, some live services platform in action. It is reported that lives classified information website go to the recently launched "safe business" service, integrity checking, screening a number of businesses able to provide quality service, certified as "safe business". The certification mark, consumers can be seen to rest assured that business, and enjoy more quality services and security services when there is a problem, go to stepped in to help a consumer advocacy. Wang
people just recently experienced a net businessman brother--Shun fat moving company service assured. He said two days before in the net, "assured the business area" found this company, saw their prices are transparent and reasonable, also provides "no halfway through fare increases, on-time, safe handling, refuses to move," assured service, comment page, satisfaction is also high, you chose them. "Relocation services experience very smooth, masters are very careful in handling". Move over, Mr Wang left a comment on the page of the company: "the response is timely, good communication attitudes, fee transparency."
go to the introduction, the introduction of trust businesses, primarily for joint quality businesses, to provide users with better service, and also allow consumers to quickly find reassuring business, optimizing service experiences. "Safe business" qualified merchants are the industry enjoyed a certain reputation, consumer-approved business.
currently assured businesses mainly in the removal, housekeeping, car rental, decorating, wedding, used local service areas such as recycling, appliance repair, will gradually improve and spread in the future. The certification system will be implemented in a dynamic management, for some inconsistent service quality certification business, go to mandatory removal of identity, maximum service quality assurance certification business and user rights.
industry, assured businesses hit users pain points is go to establishing local living services O2O reputation system signals. This means that the NET will be deeply involved in the protection of rights and interests of consumers, which will go to merchant services provide a strong platform for leading role and finally enhance consumer experience, boom-NET service ecosystem. BACK