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Beijing Subway said goodbye to "dual time" youth or move

China Youth Network Beijing, December 28 (Xinhua Li Tuo) last night so far this morning, officially completed the adjustment of Beijing Subway work, from the "single ticket" into the "mind drive limit" era of fare. The day before the subway price, reporter for the China Youth Network during the evening rush hour randomly surveyed 88 Beijing subway passengers. Results showed that 46 passengers chose "Metro price increase will not affect their travel mode, the SAT to sat". 38 people chose "appropriate traffic traveled on the ground", but most people expressed their will to travel by subway. Survey select because usually do not take the subway "price adjustment would not affect its own" 3 people, there is also 1 who will "basically abandoned subway." Young had said in the survey, probably because a price move.

youth passengers: the subway is "needs"

passengers Zhang Zhiqiang lives near South third ring, working in the North to the second ring. Interview he told the reporter of China Youth NET, he has been focusing on underground price the news. He said: "after the price adjustment, has doubled my daily transport costs 1 time, from 4 money into 8 pieces. So later on I have to take out a little bit more money on transportation. MTR fares are up, but in order to journey to work I have had to sit, which is ' required '. "

in fact, as early as May 16 this year, Beijing Subway operation company official Micro-Blog" Beijing "release news, 2014 annual passenger volume is expected to reach 2.924 billion. Whereas the jurisdiction of the Beijing Subway company 2013 14 lines total delivery of 2.739 billion passengers, a total of 2037351 Bank trains. Visible in the "Crown" in 2014, Beijing Subway passenger task is under heavier pressure.

However this phenomenon in 2015 because of "price adjustment" have eased but remains a "mystery". China Youth Network reporters found that Beijing residents of Metro prices there has been a different attitude.

people surnamed Li said he lived not far from the unit, but because the unit is located in the downtown, so I usually travel by subway. "Time can be guaranteed, nor on the subway traffic. So I will always choose the subway, price was forced to accept the fact. "Lee said.

changing jobs, moving to Metro price increases

but some Beijing residents "look helpless" accept the fact that Metro prices, some people also choose "alternative" approaches to reduce travel costs.

she lives in Changping County, she was going to town to work every day. Metro prices, she decided to change her job to avoid extra expenses over more than 500 yuan per month the cost of transportation.

and Ms LI, Wang came to Beijing from the field work the couple decided to move. Wang said he and his wife now live in tiantong Yuan, but the location near the chongwenmen. Therefore, faced with reality on the Metro price increases, the young couple is planning on moving to units around.

Wang's wife, although moved to the chongwenmen their rent is more expensive, but if the original rent price difference and transportation each month can add up, not much difference. "More importantly move can save us a lot of time and cost. "Wang's wife said.

official voices: price adjustment will enhance the level of service of Beijing Subway

, Beijing Subway operation company said Jia Peng, spokesman, the price increase, according to the Beijing Subway passenger demand to further enhance the level of service.

Chen Yi of the ciqikou station in Beijing Subway to reporters, about a month ago and his colleagues accepted the price increase should be training on how to serve the passengers. Training topics include the price increase ticketing system and how to deal with the demands of the passengers to buy tickets, and so on.

Chen Yi introduced price increase their workload does increase, because selling a ticket to ask passengers to destinations where, rather than simply as before to collect money, change and tickets. "Because passengers could not understand a new fare, so I will be more serious about the passengers to help them better ride. "Chen Yi said.

in addition, Jia Peng also said that in the future, according to the scale, the Beijing subway network operating features to further improve the road network, focused on line transportation capacity, so that the passengers feel the Metro will not be as crowded as ever. Meanwhile, the Beijing subway will also reform the public service facilities within the station, allowing passengers more comfort and convenience when using public facilities such as toilets.

Jia Peng stated at the end of Beijing Metro will use about a year's time to perfect the existing ticketing system, if the subway ticket, ticket types are changed. "Beijing could sell tickets in a year, 3rd ticket and week tickets and monthly passes, and many other types of ticket. "Jia Peng said.

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