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Complaints leak was buck public housing tenants but removal

public houses mainly used to solve the housing problems of families and housing the needy, however repair management so that the residents will have a headache. Live in South Park Avenue, haizhu district, Guangzhou City 7th aunt public housing encountered this annoyance, upstairs tenants who built the toilet caused the leakage, starting from the end of September last year, she complained to the Bureau, but are not handled. Haunted her everyday, for fear of leaks will cause electrical short circuit fire. After many setbacks, finally came on the last day of the last repair, but toilet never-ending nobody, leaks remain. Ceiling fell on the third day of the new year, she had to move out.

additional toilet downstairs upstairs leaking

57 years old aunt is a native of the old Hai Zhu, from birth to the present, has been living on Park Avenue South, 7th 3. Chiam said the building has more than 60 years old, turned out to be a straight tube housing, now unified public rental housing. Haizhu district is rural at that time, fathers have no housing, build their own housing shelter. Hai Zhu was later developed, shanty of the fathers was removed, relocated to public housing in the South Park Avenue.

reporters came to the Park Avenue South, 7th floor, the building has 6 floors, each floor has 6, are single rooms, but there is no separate kitchen and bathroom, every 3 households share a bathroom, the building looks shabby. Chiam said that despite the inconvenience, but lived a lifetime, earlier used. Daughter married, she lives alone, 68 Yuan a month rent, live in peace.

compared to the end of September last year, close to the ceiling in the corner of the toilet and the wall begins to leak. "All 4 floor, caused by the addition of a toilet without permission. "My aunt said, five or six years ago, her house is on 4/f, room 404 households for convenience, was built on a separate toilet in the room, when built, she tells the household" not will leak ", promised the tenants to do waterproofing, she didn't say anything. Who knows, eventually affects their own home.

old houses have collapsed at any time risk

Chiam said, many families fare to sublet accommodation, but without independent toilets, rental pick up, so some people are going to be independent toilets. "Upstairs is not used rent, I don't know. Toilet building is completed, no influence on me, and I will not say anything now is leaking, I certainly want to complain. "My aunt said, she complained to the housing upstairs but to no avail, she does not know where the owner is straight, and don't know who to complain, he came to the rental property company complaints and a few days later, the property company does to people, but the problem is not resolved.

Chiam said she later asked to, which belongs to the management of land and Housing Administration Bureau of public houses, she took the case to haizhu district Bureau of complaints, but Bureau of pushing her to the reception Department, she went to the reception of letters and calls, but was told no, only one day a month to receive the masses. Petition to limit time limit, so she is very depressed.

complaints without success, leak remained, aunt in fear every day. She told reporters that the buildings are prefabricated houses, water leakage may result in loose sediment, is in danger of collapsing at any time. Meanwhile, old building wires, water leakage may result in short circuits, fire, the consequences would be unthinkable.