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A moving company employee in Nanjing "part-time" transported sediment was fined 5000

moving company employee who not only moved, but also "part-time" dry muck for the dispatch of business. Recently, the qinhuai urban management Department public reports, investigated the three workers carrying smuggled the muck of the owners. Eventually, the three men were fined 5000 Yuan.

"you come and look at it, someone stealing construction waste in the river. "New year's day holiday, Guang Hua Lu, Chengguan, qinhuai district Brigade squadrons of law enforcement personnel receiving reports from the public, reflecting the Silver Dragon garden phase III district on the South side of the River, someone is stealing construction waste. Upon receipt of the report, law enforcement officers immediately arrived at the scene. Law enforcement officers found, Silver Dragon garden community South of the River with three walls, printed parked van with a moving company, there are three workers outside to throw sacks of construction waste. See law enforcement officers arrived at the scene, three workers got into a panic, asking for law enforcement personnel, said in faltered, and kept calling. Before long, the owner of this car also came to. Owners blame the three workers, and law enforcement officials about what happened: the original, unused for a long time, the owners went to lend the car with the three workers, but they dried up with a moving truck shipped waste business. Since the vehicle is fully enclosed, three workers are also wise to believe that smuggling of waste cannot be found, but secretly is caught red-handed by law enforcement officials. Currently, the vehicles have been residue, qinhuai District Office of law enforcement personnel shall be suspended for a week, penalty of 5000 Yuan, because the owner did not know about the matter, so the subject is three workers of waste smuggling.