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Move over "guerrilla"

Last day of 2014, Bishop Hall 1 and a half home "world show" cigarettes, which were sent to a cousin.
50, Bishop Hall, he does not smoke. Smoke--every move of the move before leaving home, Bishop Hall total to buy some cigarettes, to help her brother guy. "Starting from work in the cities, just keep moving, keep moving. "On December 31 last year, he learned that his County migrant workers in public housing allocation Lottery success he would quit out," don't want to move, and settle down in 2015 in the County ". "My country" is the mantra of Bishop Hall. In 2008, the Cypress village, Zhongjiang lived in rural old House for 44 years. Old House on the wall does not shower, bath is only a big tub at home, burn a few pot of boiling water to wash. At that time, did not feel much pain.
6 years ago, so he started moving for the first time in my life: the old House on the hillside, often landslides after the quake, "mud soup into the room, and silt to the knee! "Old house dare to live, Bishop Hall to the nearby South China town, in County security service company when the members of the security.
into the city, where the family lives? When only 1205 Yuan a month for security, had to send his wife ran back home, himself in a guard room, "cold not say, keeps switching doors all night, and I can't sleep well. "
in order to live better, and to family reunions, he bites, started a" toss "rental road: the original rent cleaning her tile-roofed house, a hair dryer, firewood ash floated to the table, neighbors of chicken duck excreted. Persisted after 1 move, moved into the building adjacent to the old oil factory, the basic conditions are good, that is six months old, to transform the demolition ... ...
he is helpless. Work in urban areas, b/o ride to work at least 40 minutes. Cheng district, why not rent a decent room? "The rent is too expensive, like me to earn less in the countryside, spending money only when squeezed. "Bishop Hall that now have to stay home, the family, already used to the city life," (in the city) want to eat chicken giblets, to the wet market to buy, and only fair genius, can only buy want to buy a whole chicken. "
housing problems he seemed to not open" fast knot ".
changes faster than he thought. In 2013, the province started "migrant housing", directed for migrant workers to provide public rental housing, the amount not lower than the current year supply of 30%. In July 2014, the old colleagues were reminded to submit applications, last day of the last year, he points to two-bedroom public housing lots in the city center, the rent, two thousand or three thousand Yuan a year. "Rent Government House turn (go wrong)! This city is home! "
new year's day, Bishop Hall the first time members of" sea "had a lamb. Everyone, brothers most frequently asked, or is public housing, "I don't know, this year, migrant workers can apply for public rental housing are not? "
provincial Housing Department responded: new year, the supply of public rental housing to migrant workers targeted will be continued, also is expected to normalize; grasp the 700,000 to construct affordable housing under construction at the same time, the province will also have new affordable housing and shanty 350,000 sets of shabby buildings ().
that is to say, in 2015, the more "Bishop Hall" will be in town to have a shelter, secure home.