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Air conditioning Assembly and disassembly

Air conditioning Assembly and disassembly
We has a support stable, and professional, and excellent of maintenance team, has various brand electrical of professional maintenance technician and the years of maintenance, and installation, and management experience, and constantly absorption new of technology and advanced of detection equipment on gree, and Mitsubishi, and Panasonic, and Toshiba, and Hitachi, and LG, and Samsung, and Sony, and beauty of, and Haier, and GOME, and China treasure, and Chunlan, various both at home and abroad brand of electrical provides quality of installation, and maintenance, and detection service. We have excellent technology, a high sense of responsibility and reasonable prices in the industry to the fore, for maintenance services to establish a quality service pioneer models. Air conditioning service: air conditioning maintenance, disassembly, air conditioning, air conditioning and refrigerant air conditioning, air conditioning maintenance, disinfection, air conditioning inspection, refrigerator repair, air conditioning repair and maintenance, installation and maintenance of refrigeration equipment. BACK